Join us and share with all the community your Love for the Bicycle

We love the Bicycle, that is why every day we want to know the meaning that has in your life.

Every year, millions of people around the world use the Bicycle for different purposes, to go to work, to go out with friends, sport, adventures and much more. Each of these trips is a contribution not only to their own lives, it is a great contribution to the economy but mostly for the Planet.

How can I participate?

This is your great opportunity to use a picture and story to share with the whole community what the bicycle means to you, your life, your family, friends, city and planet. Also with your story you can participate in a series of contests that we will be published through this platform and our social networks.

To participate

Send us Your Story

Send us your story with your favorite photo for publication, through the form “Your Story” or to

Vote for your Favorite

Vote for the stories that you like the most, by clicking on the icon of the planet that you will see at the end of each one, remember that you can only vote once per story.

Share with Everybody

Share the stories using the icons located at the end of each story and invite your friends, family and your entire community.



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