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The Platform – ALTRU

ALTRU is aimed in the development of a new technological platform and unified center where you can connect, generate value, consume it or share it with other members of the community, all on two wheels

Collaborate in the construction of a Sustainable World, it was never so healthy, fun and beneficial

With ALTRU you can do sport, mobilize and generate great benefits for you, your city and the planet. Our challenge is to reach the whole community, activating the latent energy that exists in each of us and all as a whole. You only have to pedal and our blockchain platform will transform your power into a global good that you can consume and/or share.

Blockchain offers us a great opportunity to connect people with each other and with companies, allowing them to share, exchange and pay for any product or service in an easy, safe and convenient way

This is the main reason why ALTRU will make the experience of each person and company, something really unique and safe, since there is no intervention of any intermediary or central authority, adapted 100% to everyday life, to the experience and the needs of all stakeholders, allowing them to advance everyone to a true collaborative economy among equals. In addition, through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, we will implement search, traceability and payment functions instantaneously in our platform and application thanks to its transparent and immutable nature.

The access through Internet, will be one of the main forms of interaction with the digital platform, placing in your hands the different ways to generate more benefits

With ALTRU, all users, both individuals and companies can access through a mobile application to their account for management of benefits and reductions of CO2 emissions generated, search of companies, institutions and affiliated establishments, location of the nearest stations, both of stationary bicycles as well as the system of shared bicycles and charging stations. In addition, companies will be able to generate a new way of connecting with their customers, offset the emissions of their products, meet the demands of users and their interests, which will facilitate interaction, communication and benefit exchanges.

A new unified center that will transform the way that cities, businesses and organizations interact with the community

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Connects and integrates with other users and companies.


We trace your reductions, which you can share or trade.


Share, trade and liquidate in real time without intermediaries.

You can help us build a sustainable world and at the same time boost your economy


Connect with new users and customers for your solution, service, product or business.


Access a global customer market and carbon reductions.


Acquire and settle reductions in real time and without intermediaries.

You can help us build a sustainable world and at the same time boost your company or business