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Why this project?

We believe that the use of the bicycle is changing from a mere transport system to a new product and highly differentiable tool, with interesting local and global impacts.

Our vision is that the Bicycle can become a decentralized value generation network that can be shared and integrated with other smart systems through the use of Blockchain and other new technologies.

What is ALTRU?


Based on a sharing economy model, Altru Project will facilitate access to benefits that can be exchanged and shared, using cutting edge technologies such as the internet, and transforming users into prosumers.


Mechanism designed for massive decontamination and climate change mitigation, through carbon compensation and reduction, driven by the participation of the community members and stakeholder groups.


The platform allows constant and efficient interaction between users and the environment, expediting access to information by creating smart networks and enhancing the integration of all the community.


We promote the use of bikes, communications and Internet to connect, integrate and leverage the capabilities of thousands of millions around the world to develop, produce and consume more effectively, in balance with the planet.


We believe in cycling as a clean, efficient way of transportation and a great tool, capable of generating great direct and indirect benefits for the people, the community, the environment, cities and countries.


We promote a new model where all the community will be able to collaborate, share and co-create, building a smart network where everybody contributes to the evolution of our economic model.



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