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Contact – ALTRU


What is the ALTRU Project?

ALTRU is aimed to develop a new model and colective platform of value generation, that accelerates, optimizes, takes advange and transforms the productive capacity of the users, in which the bicycle, Internet and other emergent technologies will be key players.

Why the Bicycle as a main actor?

In ALTRU we believe that cycling is the most efficient form of transportation ever invented.  It is five times more efficient than walking, good for health, non-polluting, carbon emissions-free and is a powerful tool, that can transform people into active agents of economic development, in cities and countries.

What benefit does it have for the Economy?

Based on a sharing economy model, ALTRU will facilitate access to benefits that can be exchanged and shared, using technologies such as the Internet and transforming users into Prosumers.

What does the project contributes to the environment?

We are aimed on developing a mechanism for massive decontamination and mitigation of Climate Change, through carbon offsetting and reduction, driven by the participation of all community members and stakeholders.

How do I participate in the Project?

First of all, we thank you for your interest in participating in the project, which is very easy.  First we invite you to sign up and join of our global community.  By signing up on our platform you can access a series of activities, initiatives and benefits which we will inform you in time so you can participate and enjoy them, Sign Up and you will receive a confirmation email, remember to check out your spam folder.

What are the Initiatives?

They are activities that seeks to share information of cutting edge technology and daily interest, generate key data by members of the community for the same members, promote best practices regarding the use of the bicycle as a way of transportation, entertainment, saving and decontamination .

Which initiatives are currently active?

At this stage, we have active the initiative “You and Your Bike“, in which interesting stories of the members are shared along with their favorite picture, which will participate in a contest for the best one, and will be selected by the same community through their votes.

We also have another set of initiatives that will be activated progressively, so we invite you to sign up on the Platform, follow us and comment through our social networks.

How can I participate in the initiatives?

The initiative that is currently active is “You and Your Bike“.  Send us your photo and Story through our automatic system or by our email account

You can also participate by sharing your favorite stories through facebook, instagram and twitter using the hashtag #youandyourbike.

The most important thing when uploading your story is that you can participate in a contest and/or vote the story that you like.

What is the Blog?

The Blog is a space that we have created for you to find articles of the members of the community and where you can also publish your own articles, in case you want share them through our platform, if so, please, contact us through our email for details or directly send us the content or link of the publication, which will be reviewed by our team and, if meets our policies of management and publishing information, will be included in the blog.

What other ways do I have to participate?

Besides participating in the initiatives or publishing in our blog, you can follow us and comment through our social networks.

We are also actively looking for people, companies, institutions and movements, interested in sponsoring or in becoming strategic allies in our project.

How can I sponsor?

If you are a person of great influence, a company or institution, movement or organization that shares our love for the bicycle, you can contact us through our email

We invite you to be part of this project from the beginning, convinced that your contribution will help us to develop this great technological platform as a benefit for all.

How can I be a strategic ally?

We are expecting to hear about your potential as a company, contact us through our email and give us details.

We are interested in bicycle-related allies as a form of efficient and clean transportation, technology developers, innovation, environmental care, climate change mitigation and similar issues.


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