The Bicycle is Life

Cycling reduces carbon emissions and improve the quality of the air in your area, compared to other form of transport, the bicycle is the best choice for the environment.


The space occupied by a lane for cars is capable of transporting more than 2,000 people per hour, however, a similar space, conditioned to bicycles could transport around 10,000 people per hour, making more efficient not only the mobility of citizens, but also the use of urban space.


The use of transport such as cycling, is healthy for the body, does not generate emissions of polluting gases and is cheaper than other mobility alternatives, such as the car or public transport.

Local Economy

The bicycle contributes to the local economy due to the higher cost/benefit relation in infrastructure, even, building constructions and businesses in areas with an adequate infrastructure for bicycles, have increased their income, efficiency in their investment and economic value in the market.


If we take into account the energy consumption, the bicycle is the most efficient vehicle that exists; It is also proven that in situations of traffic jam, a bicycle allows to reach the destination faster in comparison with the car.


The savings generated by bicycle commuting, its operation and maintenance, allow a quickly investment recovery of a bike's acquisition. Also, every time you use your bicycle, your bank balance increases, as it helps you save money on gas, parking or bus tickets.


Pedaling is one of the most efficient, direct and immediate ways that allows all members of the community, without exception, to help reduce carbon emissions in their area of action, besides, every bicycle used for transportation replaces the vehicle fleet, thus mitigating the climate change.

Do you think the benefits are few?

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The investment in infrastructure for bicycles not only brings benefits to the Local Economy, but generates returns in some countries of 10:1 or greater, that is, if you have invested 100 Million, the project returns 1,000 Million in health benefits.


Cycling, rides or commuting by bicycle, along with some walks, generates high health benefits and those who make this a routine, have a longer life expectancy, less likely to develop serious medical conditions such as heart attacks, which can be reduced by almost 50%.


Those who use the bicycle to go to work, even in combination with other ways of transport, tend to present less stress, experience a greater sense of taste and pleasure in each of their journeys.


In the allocation and execution of the economic resources for mobility, both, companies and private groups as of governments, it is necessary to highlight that one kilometer of construction of a wide highway, costs the same as more than 100 kilometers of cycle paths.


The operation of a bicycle is a highly differentiating factor to other ways of transport, since the cost of maintenance and spare parts can be, for example, 100 times cheaper than a car, besides the time invested in such activity.


The bicycle opens a great opportunity to re-invent not only our transport model, but also to generate new business models to the community, based on zonal economy and the capacity of people, for example, bicycle courier.

We invite you to be part of our community
enjoying and sharing the benefits
that the bicycle gives us all